The Secret

The most common question I get from people who haven’t seen me in a while is: “So what’s your secret?” (Fun side note: The most common comment from men is, “Have you been working out?” From women, it’s, “You look really good.” Perhaps a Sociologist or a Cultural Anthropologist can dissect meaning from that.) If you just read one entry from this blog, make it this one.

The “secret” to my weight loss is simple in theory but difficult in practice: I reduced my portions/ate fewer “bad” foods and started exercising regularly.

That’s it. No special Dr. Oz weight loss pills. No surgery. No special exercises that are secretly more effective than others. Eating fewer bowls of rice, dropping the 20 piece chicken McNuggets (it’s $4.99 though!) from the diet and taking a nice long evening walk every other day will do more over time than any quick fix.

Now you might say to me, “I already knew that! That’s no secret!” And I agree with you! I’ve known about this “secret” for years too. But I resisted it mightily. I wanted to have my cake and eat it too (and did. Followed immediately by a large milk tea.). That’s why I said it’s “simple in theory but difficult in practice.” Practice = habits and habits are extremely difficult to change. But here’s the reassuring thing: Good habits are just as hard to break as bad ones, and once healthier habits take hold, you’ll find it hard to go back. Believe me, I loved eating white rice more than anyone and now I mostly only eat it now at big family dinners (because if I didn’t, my grandma would probably scold me, and I don’t like being scolded.) So it can be done.

That said, I don’t claim to be a health professional of any sort, and I don’t know your personal situation. Perhaps your body chemistry or life circumstances are different and everything I write here and in the future will be irrelevant to you. And any ladies reading this will probably argue that it’s easier for guys to lose weight than girls. Which I neither confirm nor deny. Like I said in my “About This Blog” section, I can only share what has worked for me.

However, I was also the chubby kid whose friends were all skinny, even though we basically ate the same way (I don’t possess the super fast Asian metabolism gene. Or the Math one either. But I digress). And I wondered why life was unfair like that. And I kept questioning why life was unfair until I looked in the mirror, didn’t like what I saw and realized that maybe the problem was with me and not life—so do something about it. And after a year and a half, I got some great results. So I’m willing to conjecture my method will probably work for more people than not.

My biggest takeaway from the past year and a half: You’re stronger than you think. The last time I played a sport was 8th grade CYO baseball. And some intramural basketball in college. No one would have accused me of having interest in physical activity. Yet from September -November 2014, I completed 3 5Ks (one involving an obstacle course), 1 10K, 1 12K and 1 half marathon. Didn’t walk any of them, even though I got cramps in mile 11 and 12 of the half marathon. With the right mindset and plan, you can reach whatever your goals are too.

So what did I do, specifically? That’s what I plan to share over the upcoming weeks and months, along with the highs and lows of this experience—so if you’re interested, I invite you to keep reading as I get back into the blogging flow.

Keep pushing the pile, friends!

– SS


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